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General notes on your custom theme


Your custom NationBuilder website & theme has been built to work with NationBuilder's page template system, which is designed to make it easy to add and manage many different types of pages to your website via your NationBuilder Control Panel. You can learn all about NationBuilder's website features here:

There are a number of special considerations to keep in mind when working with your custom website & theme:

1) Your website & theme includes a number of enhanced custom features that are described in other sections of this guide. Please review this guide to fully understand how your custom theme works.

2) Remember to enter your COT name in the Subheadline field under the Website > Site settings > Basic tab in your control panel.

3) The social media links in your footer are connected to your website's primary broadcaster, which is also set under the Website > Site settings > Basic tab in your control panel.

4) Remember to coordinate with the Mother's Out Front national team regarding your people database and filter or tag sharing.

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