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 concordmof_1_small.jpegConcord members (L to R): Bouzha Cookman, Lindsay Kafka, Sandy Cookman, Rebecca Woodward, Linda Booth Sweeney, Lisa Fitzgibbons (not pictured: Carolyn Wilkins, Sue Richardson, Dariane Hunt)


Now approaching its third year, the Concord Community Team (COT) is actively taking steps to engage all mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers in the Concord area who feel called to do something NOW to protect all children's futures, as well as the future of all life on Earth. We invite you to join our dynamic, supportive group!

Our community is engaging in important conversations, and we are keeping the voice and actions of Mothers Out Front strong! From addressing the 78 dangerous gas leaks in our community, to collaborating with Concord’s new Energy Futures Task Force to adopt aggressive new carbon reduction goals, we are proud and energized to bring about clean, healthy options for our kids’ futures!

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Fixing Concord’s 78 Gas Leaks, Getting to Net Zero



  • Mothers Out Front House Parties

Learn about our movement, the issues and options to act.  Select availability; email for details.

  • Upcoming State Events

  • July 12:  Gas Leaks ordinance hearing at the State House

  • July 14:  DPU hearing re. new rules for utilities

  • July 14-18:  March to Stop Pipelines (along route of Spectra’s Access Northeast)

Our Campaigns

Gas LEAKS in Concord

This spring, Mothers Out Front/Concord (in partnership with CCRHS Green Team students) launched its Gas Leaks campaign, formally alerting neighbors and fellow residents to the location and risks associated with 78 gas leaks throughout our community. These leaks endanger humans, the ecology and the planet, and we’re paying the utilities for all the leaking gas!




By aligning our own community’s voice with a statewide campaign -- through education and engagement of residents in multiple cities and towns -- we intend to put pressure on the utilities to do the right thing -- notably, our statewide campaign seeks to to successfully impact two vital pieces of pending State legislation re. Utility accountability. Come learn more & lend your ideas!


NET ZERO -- A Real Shot In Concord (if we act quickly)...

Concord recently formed an Energy Futures Task Force, which will take the next six months to explore comprehensive options for expanding our Town’s commitment to a clean energy future. Mothers Out Front/Concord is working to build awareness and support for adoption of Net Zero principles -- as were recently achieved in Lexington and Cambridge, MA, along with many other U.S. cities and towns. Come hear more about how we can, together, successfully reach this exciting potential goal.