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 Concord_COT_YES_on_Article_51_WSP.jpgConcord members (L to R): Bouzha Cookman, Carolyn Wilkins, Lindsay Kafka, Lisa Fitzgibbons, Dariane Hunt, Linda Booth Sweeney, and Sandy Cookman (not pictured: Rebecca Woodward, Sue Richardson, Melanie Coo, Tricia Haut)


Now in its third year, the Concord Community Team is actively taking steps to engage all mothers, grandmothers, and their supporters in the Concord area who feel called to do something NOW to protect our planet, and children's futures. We invite you to join our dynamic, supportive group!

Our community is engaged in important conversations, and we welcome new voices to join our chorus! From strenuously advocating for town-wide commitment to aggressive new carbon reduction goals, to addressing the 115+ dangerous methane gas leaks in our community, we are proud and energized to bring about clean, healthy options for our kids’ futures!


Our 2017 Campaigns


VOTE YES on Article 51: Concord’s Energy Goals

HUGE Opportunity at Town Meeting to REDUCE Concord’s

town-wide carbon footprint!


A YES vote on Article 51 at Town Meeting (Tuesday, April 25th, Concord-Carlisle High School) will give the Town of Concord the mandate and resources to pursue specific CLEAN ENERGY goals and reduce Concord’s town-wide carbon footprint through 2050.





  • Supports Concord’s Energy Future Task Force (EFTF) Recommendations for a Sustainable Energy Future. Find the report and background on the EFTF at

  • Sets Town-Wide Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Goals of 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. These apply across municipal, residential and commercial sectors and will be measured against Concord’s 2008 baseline

  • Urges our Municipal Light Plant to Supply all Electricity from Renewable Resources by 2030

  • Funds $100,000 for a Director Position and another $100,000 for Short-Term Consulting Assistance in FY'18 to expedite the design and implementation of a plan to achieve the goals. Starting in FY’19 the director position will be part of the Town Manager’s budget



  • Future Generations Deserve a Sustainable Planet – Article 51 supports the Intergenerational Equity principle outlined in the 2015 Paris Climate Accords

  • Concord Voters Have a Huge Opportunity to Act Locally Now – not only is local action the most impactful, but Concord’s Select Board is ready to act NOW!

  • Builds on Concord’s Existing Commitments to Sustainability – many U.S. towns and cities (including nearby Lexington, Cambridge and Acton) already are engaged, but Concord could play a leadership role for the 41 MA towns with municipal light plants

  • The GHG Reduction Goals align Concord with State Goals – specifically the 2008 Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act

  • It is Cost Effective and Climate Critical – economic and environmental costs of inaction increase exponentially over time!

    • $100,000 represents @$5.00 per Concord resident or about the same $ as a couple of gallons of gas and is LESS than ½ of 1% of Concord’s $41M FY’18 budget.

    • Concord Electricity bill may rise incrementally, but it also could decrease

    • Sustainability SAVES dollars (In the first year, Acton’s Sustainability Director saved the town more money than the cost of their salary)



  • PLEDGE to vote YES on Article 51:  eMail Campaign Manager Sue Richardson ( to add your name to the list of committed voters -- we are keeping count and will send any necessary updates!  Over 120 Pledges so far…..

  • VOLUNTEER if you are interested in helping get this passed! eMail Campaign Manager Sue Richardson ( to learn how you can help!

  • ‘Like’ Mothers Out Front-Concord MA on Facebook, and share our VOTE YES on Article 51 Logo and flyer on your own page.

  • MARCH with Mothers Out Front (more details coming soon):

    • Patriots Day Parade - Monday, April 17: 8 am to 12 pm

    • Musketaquid Earth Day Parade on Saturday April 22: 10 am to 12 pm


Gas LEAKS in Concord

Concord has over 115 methane gas leaks throughout our community, per the (consistently conservative) data supplied by the utility companies. One leak is over 30 years old! These leaks endanger humans, the ecology and the planet, and we’re paying the utilities for all the leaking gas!




With over 18,000 confirmed leaks across Massachusetts, the waste, and risk, is unacceptable.

But THIS IS CHANGING, because the mothers are DEMANDING ACTION, AND GETTING RESULTS! In Boston, Cambridge, Bedford, Acton, Newton, Waltham, Lincoln, Brookline and Somerville (and now Concord), we are hosting events, tagging leaks, holding forums, partnering with our local officials, and engaging utility company leaders to finally do something to address this dangerous hazard in our backyards.


We need concerned citizens to join our campaign in Concord. Tasks can be small and discrete, or long-term and big picture. There is SO much momentum -- the Time Is Now, Concord. Will YOU Join Us?

Contact Carolyn at to learn more.


Additional Ways to Learn & Get Involved

Mothers Out Front House Parties

Want to learn about our movement, the issues and options to act? Open to inviting your own network of friends and neighbors to a gathering in your home? We will send local, trained Mothers Out Front facilitators to lead the dialog. Contact Tricia at for details.

Concord Leadership Team meeting (visitors welcome!)

We welcome attendees at our leadership team meetings who want to delve deeper into our town planning, campaigns and vital operational functions. Contact Sandy at for details.

State Action and Event Alerts

Want to stay informed about the latest Massachusetts pipeline events, rallies and protests? Opportunities for State House action? Contact Sandy at for registration details.

March With Us!

Mothers Out Front will be marching at the Patriot’s Day Parade (Mon, 4/17), as well as the Musketaquid Earth Day Parade & Festival (Sat, 4/22). Contact us at for details.